🪓Known issues

List of the plugin's known issues and possible solutions.

MySQL #1366 - Incorrect string value

This error happens when you try to insert characters that MySQL's current encoding doesn't support.

Solution: change MySQL's encoding to utf8mb4. 1. Open MySQL's my.cnf. 2. Add these configurations, save and restart MySQL:


KDR is not counted

Players report that their KDR is not changing.

Solution: deny the permission simpleclans.other.kdr-exempt. In some permission plugins, just add a - before the node. Others accept the false value.

Geyser | Error while opening GUI

Since SimpleClans is using player heads in its GUI, you may face with a Geyser limitation.

After you try to open the menu (/clan), you may get the error in the console. In it you can find the mark of this error:

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Name and ID cannot both be blank

Solution: Disable this option in your geyser configuration file.

allow-custom-skulls: false

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