Clan Alliances and Rivalries

Any clan leader can send an request to start an alliance with any other clan with /clan ally add. If the request is accepted by a leader of the second clan, the alliance is formed. The alliance can be broken by any leader of either clan at any time with /clan ally remove, no one needs to accept the removal of an alliance.
Clan rivalries can be started by any clan at any time, no request is needed, rivalries are automatically formed once a clan leader decides he wants one by using /clan rival add. If someone has pissed you off and you want them as rivals, their permission is not needed. To break a clan rivalry on the other hand, you need the acceptance of the other clan, you must use /clan rival remove to send the other clan a request, once one of their leaders accept the rivalry is broken.
You can view a list of all clans and their allies with the /clan alliances command, or their rivals with the /clan rivalries command.


/clan ally add [tag]
Send an request to start an alliance (acceptance is required)
/clan ally remove [tag]
Remove alliance (no acceptance is required)
/clan rival add [tag]
Starting a rivalry (no acceptance is required)
/clan rival remove [tag]
Remove a rivalry (acceptance is required)
/clan alliances
List all clans and their allies
/clan rivalries
List all clans and their rivals


Can use ally chat
Can ally his clan with other simpleclans
Can start a rivalry with another clan
Can view alliances by clan
Can view rivalries by clan