💰Member Fee

How does it work?

If enabled by the server and the clan, at 1am a fee (set by the leader) is collected from the non-leaders. A member that doesn't have enough money to pay it will be automatically kicked from the clan. The collected fee is added to the clan bank.


  • member-fee-enabled - Enables or disables the feature.

  • max-member-fee - Limits the fee, so leaders may not abuse the members.

  • purchase-member-fee-set - Enable this to charge the value below everytime a leader changes the fee value.

  • member-fee-set-price - Value to charge for changes on the fee value


    member-fee-enabled: false
    max-member-fee: 200.0
    purchase-member-fee-set: false
    member-fee-set-price: 1000.0



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