👇Clan Below Player's Name

Plugins required

  • TAB (you can use a different tablist plugin, as long as it supports PlaceholderAPI)

Step by step

1. Open TAB's config.yml, enable unlimited-nametag-mode:

        enabled: true

2. Now let's edit groups.yml file. Add belowname option if missing.

  belowname: "%simpleclans_tag_label%"
  # if you want a clan tag above your name:
  # abovename: "%simpleclans_tag_label%"

3 (Optional). Change the view of clan tags in SimpleClans's config.yml:

  default-color: '8'
  max-length: 5
    color: '8'
    leader-color: '4'
    left: '' # It can be '[' or any other character
    right: '' # It can be ']' or any other character
  min-length: 2
    color: '8'
    leader-color: '4'
    char: ' .' # You can remove a dot after clan tags

You can check more info about this section in configuration tab.

4. Restart your server or reload TAB – /tab reload. Enjoy! :)


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