Permanent clan

"This Is Where the Fun Begins"

What is it?

Usually, when you creating some clan, it requires having at least 1 player there. But sometimes, you need to have an empty clan, right? It is what permanent clans do.

Where it can be useful?

There are plenty of variations on how to use this feature. For example:

  • You want to sell a superior clan on your server and don't want to set a leader to that clan.

  • You want to move the latest player of a clan to another clan.

  • A clan for administrators: easy to join and leave.

  • Clans for RPG server.

  • etc.

Particular examples

Using permanent clans with DeluxeMenus

You can join your players to clans using the menu:

YAML example:

        material: diamond_block
        slot: 5
        display_name: "&7Join to &aJedi"
          - '[console] clan mod place %player_name% jedi'
          - '[close]' 

Using permanent clans with Citizens

Alternatively, you may want to join your players by NPC:

To do it, you need to:

  1. Create an NPC: /npc create <name>

  2. Set the command on player's clicking: /npc command add clan -o mod place <p> jedi

How to use it?

You can use /clan admin permanent [clan] command to give permanent status to a clan.

Warning Permanent clans are not purged for inactivity and can't be disbanded by players. Use /clan mod disband instead.

Note This command work only if you're an administrator or if you have simpleclans.admin.permanent permission node.

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