💲Clan Upkeep

How does it work?

If enabled, clans will have to pay an amount everyday to keep their clans. The value will be collected at 1:30am. At 12am, if the clan doesn't have enough money to pay it, a wan will be sent to the clan's BB. The amount can be fixed or based on the clan size.

Ex. fee based on the clan size:

upkeep base    = 20.0
clan size      = 10
final upkeep   = 200.0


  • upkeep - The base upkeep.

  • upkeep-enabled - Enable or disable the feature.

  • multiply-upkeep-by-clan-size - This works as explained above

  • charge-upkeep-only-if-member-fee-enabled - Enable upkeep if member fee is enabled.


    upkeep: 200.0
    upkeep-enabled: false
    multiply-upkeep-by-clan-size: false
    charge-upkeep-only-if-member-fee-enabled: true

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